Maximizing Marketing Potential Through a Powerful Team Journey at Roche

Roche's Slovenian and Croatian marketing teams were equipped with high-performing employees from the start but faced the challenge of leveraging each other's strengths and fostering collaboration. By introducing the High-Performing Team program, they were able to change their dynamics, resulting in improved collaboration, productivity, and greater business success. Learn how leveraging individual talent and fostering teamwork paved the way to success.

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The challenge: Uniting Roche's Marketing Force in Slovenia and Croatia

The international corporation Roche, with a staggering 103,000 employees, operates across three segments: pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and diabetes. They are organized into regions worldwide, with some countries, such as Slovenia and Croatia, being grouped together. The marketing team of 8 team members and one leader from the Slovenian-Croatian region already started from a good position before implementing the High-Performing Team program. However, they still aimed to improve collaboration and productivity.

They wanted to:

  • become a self-managed team,
  • enhance cross-functional collaboration with other departments,
  • improve personal performance, and
  • increase self-awareness and team awareness.

Key challenges also included building trust among team members and creating a safe environment for decision-making. The team was aware of its potential for growth and was ready for changes, which provided an ideal foundation for implementing the High-Performing Team program.

The process: Collaborative Revolution

The High-Performing Team program lasted seven months and began in May. The first session was held remotely, followed by face-to-face meetings that helped improve interaction between team members. Throughout the process, various challenges arose, such as personal commitments and substitutions, which led to some adjustments in the program schedule. The team became increasingly open to feedback and the dynamics among members evolved, leading to greater engagement and relaxation during meetings. They realized that even small changes can bring significant benefits as team members worked with more enthusiasm to improve and develop their habits. The changes in both personal and team behavior had a positive impact on business results.

The results

Team members have achieved numerous successes both personally and professionally.

  • Their productivity has increased and their self-confidence has grown, leading to greater commitment and better collaboration.
  • The team has begun to share and listen more openly and support each other better.
  • Efforts to improve relationships within the team have also had a positive impact on business results, leading to greater success with clients and projects.
  • In addition, this program has improved the ability to deal with change and has resulted in a stronger focus on solutions and achieving set goals.


What changes have you noticed in your team after the program?

  • I feel more trust in my team.
  • Working on relationships increased our business performance.
  • The psychological safety in our team is higher and I feel at home.
  • We are better and more successful when we use our mature talents and consciously choose our behavior.
  • We receive praise and recognition, which feels good and raises awareness of our talents, efforts, and positive behavior.
  • We support each other better in the team.
  • We are more solution-oriented – we have in mind what is realistic and what our own need and those of others are.
  • CoffeeSyncs also work with external stakeholders.
  • We have started »Burger Mondays« in Zagreb to create space for closer team bonding.

What do you think of the e2grow app and the program in particular?

  • I appreciated learning about data insights from e2grow and the impact to team activities as well where me as a team lead should focus, what would be meaningful to discuss and follow up with the team.
  • The e2grow app is a great source of information about our team and each individual member and helps us to deepen our relationships.
  • It helps us to consciously use our behaviors to reach our aims.
  • Our focus is better when we set Weekly aim.
  • I find it very useful to share about more emotional topics (High5 tool) and learn how to do CoffeeSync.

Mojca Goričanec
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