For high performing teams

From “just a team” to dream team

Teaming is a skill to be learned and practiced. One-off team building programs are fun, but they won’t bring a lasting effect to your team. If you want real change, you need to practice new, healthier habits, week by week. Our app-supported High Performing Team program creates sustainable culture shift in your team. By increasing psychological safety and offering thoroughly designed and tested productivity and conversation tools, it improves performance and collaboration, reduces unproductive conflict, boosts engagement and supports personal and professional growth of each team member. More than a hundred of our international coaches use this program regularly and achieve great results with their clients.

What HPT brings to your team?

Through the program, participants achieve the following goals:
  • Align the talents of team members toward a common goal
  • Increase productivity by focusing on what is important (aim and focus)
  • Develop each team member's talents by raising awareness through regular reflection and a conscious effort to improve
  • Develop trust, psychological safety, and belonging in the team by normalizing vulnerability and promoting mutual recognition and appreciation
  • Prepare team members for difficult, critical conversations to develop and sustain a shared mental model
  • Make a habit of holding regular team meetings to ensure continued progress

High Performing Team Program

Our HPT program promotes psychological safety, productivity, better teamwork and improved communication. It is thoroughly tested, scientifically based, and produces measurable impact. HPT is a program that works with teams. It only takes one team leader to see the value of the program and fully participate. The automated nudges and work between modules reduces the time in live workshops and therefore the cost to the organization, so it can afford to involve more employees (not just management) in our programs without sacrificing the quality of the experience.


With our PACT approach to behavioral change, we turn away from one-time engagements whose benefits quickly fade. We focus on behavior change rather than offering theories and "aha" effects that typically have no lasting impact.


Because the program is standardized in content, it is fully repeatable and can be disseminated throughout the organization. The e2grow platform allows for easy and transparent management of projects involving multiple teams across a company. This ensures that each team has the best possible experience and that all employees involved share the newly introduced language and behaviors.

Why choose e2grow


Built on the back of 50 years of Gallup research and 2800+ teams that e2grow coaches developed to high performing level. This works. You get all the materials turn-key.


One-off workshops do not bring change. Combination of experiential on-session learning and digital app support to create behavior change that becomes a habit.


e2grow programs are designed to drive performance improvement, which ultimately is the goal of your clients. Results are measurable and clearly understandable in the final report.


Learn how to position yourself, how to craft proposals, deliver sales calls and meetings. Use e2grow brand and success cases to build trust and credibility. Benefit from upsell potential built in the program through Progress huddle. Dedicated Partner Success Manger supports you and serves as your accountability partner.


e2grow platform makes it easy for you to run any number of teams, multiple clients at the same time. Moreover, you can outsource administrative load to e2grow staff and focus on your most value adding tasks – sales, delivery, and impact. and setup, track and deliver your projects.


Create your own programs, adapt existing ones or use one from the database. Offer your program to community to generate new revenue stream.


You become a part of a global network that can help you land and deliver international projects or invite you to join as a partner on their projects. Fellow e2grow coaches also help you with their experience and ideas.

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