80% of companies fail to realize their vision.

We help you achieve yours.

What we do is efficiently instil new mindset and new routines in individuals, teams and organizations. We change the way your managers inspire people, how they make them feel, how they develop them, and how they communicate with them and amongst each other. In the analogue and digital world.

Strengths philosophy is the premise from which we operate: we don’t fix weaknesses, rather we manage them and grow on strengths.

Check key benefits

Key benefits

The result is a tangible and sustained improvement in the key success indicators of our client organizations - in their levels of employee engagement, accountability, empowerment, trust, customer experience, revenue and profitability growth, talent retention rate, desirability for millennials, and time-to-market.

Our approach

How we accomplish transformation into strengths based organization

e2grow platform

Your digital assistant for success


Get contextual, personalized insights and tips on how to inspire, praise, give suggestions or avoid conflicts with people, based on their unique strengths.


Get to know yourself through your strengths and read through personalized insights and tips on how to be more productive and excellent, how to reach your goals by eliminating your weaknesses while focusing on mastering what you are naturally good at.


98% of employees will fail to be engaged when managers give little or no feedback Find the people who didn’t get enough feedback and give it to them, supported by e2grow’s personalized advice and insights.*Survey by Westminster College (U.S. Employees)


Find common ground, discover and understand the value and needs of each group member, so you can fine-tune your collaboration for maximum results and minimum conflict.

e2grow global presence

Ensures best experience and results guaranteed by local native speaking coaches.

Ciara Kelly, CEO, Futureneerz and e2grow partner for Ireland and UK about e2grow

e2 HQ

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Katarina Razmovski,
head of strategic partnerships

e2grow continuously searches for new ways to efficiently instil new mindset and routines in individuals, teams and organizations. It collaborates with world’s best companies and coaches to develop and embed the best approaches that actually deliver business results.
e2grow knows technology itself cannot solve people-related problems, but we strongly believe that only by embracing technology we can achieve company-wide long-lasting impact.
Both in-company and independent coaches benefit from making the e2grow platform an integral part of their offering by increasing relevance, longevity and return of their project. Independent coaches also receive additional lifetime passive income from using the platform.

Marjonne van den Hout, Leafspring

Leafspring believes that powerful collaborations and excellent results come from people who are on a daily basis able to do what they are best at.

We help leaders and their team(members) in getting the tools to improve engagement and align day to day behavior to the desired goals and ambition.

We ask questions, listen and transform thinking and feeling to action.

We help our clients to discover new possibilities and renew daily behavior that contributes to intended results.

We welcome you to take a deep dive into what we do and who we work for in industry, IT, health care and education on www.leafspring.nl

Ciara Kelly,
Futureneerz, CEO​

We are FUTURENEERZ – Future Leader Pioneers to help organizations develop TODAY’s young talent into TOMORROW’s leaders. We help organisations and their managers better understand, develop and retain their young talent (Millennials & Centennials) and boost overall team performance.
At FUTURENEERZ. our mission is to empower teams to do their BEST WORK!
FUTURENEERZ offers a unique talent activation platform that sticks. We combine individual coaching sessions, team workshops & the e2grow online coaching tool that embeds REAL change in the team on a daily basis. Our platform enables organisations to scale up & reach every single employee - unlocking their personal power & edge so the organisation and their teams thrive.
We work with SMEs as well as large organisations in variety of industries (Fast Moving Consumer Goods & Services (FMCG), Financial Services, Technology, Higher Education, PR & Events, Graduate Recruitment, IT, and Beauty & Cosmetics, Hospitality & Tourism and others).
At Irish Distillers (part of the Groupe Pernod Ricard with 19,500 employees), we are helping to boost team collaboration, communication & productivity so each team member thrives in work.
At Grant Thornton (Ireland's fastest growing professional services firm), we are helping improve team collaboration, cross functional team communication and addressing individual & team challenges that were raised in their annual employee engagement survey.

Kevin Thiele, Sales Code

Sales Code provides consulting and coaching services to leaders in the technology sector to compensate for a lack of time or skills that are hampering team effectiveness leading to problems in hiring, on-boarding, developing and retaining key members of staff all of which contribute to a failure to execute against demanding targets. Gallup recently conducted global research on companies that have implemented strengths-based management practices. They found that 90% of the groups studied had an average increase in sales of 15%. The strengths-based approach is a radical breakthrough in personal and team development. It is already embraced by FaceBook, Microsoft and Rackspace who call it their “secret sauce.”

Your Sales Code Coach will:

  • Help you to understand your talents and how to harness them
  • Develop a strengths-based coaching program for your team
  • Give you more time to provide the leadership they need

Sarah Hayes, Strengths Director Coaching, Managing Director

Strengths Director Coaching is focussed on creating long term habits that change the way people perform.

We help companies who are tired of investing in training programmes that don’t deliver any lasting change.

Our approach is different, we build self-awareness and develop engagement strategies that unlock team and individual potential. We combine the E2Grow digital platform, strengths based psychology and behavioural engineering techniques to change the way managers inspire & develop their teams, enabling them to communicate and collaborate better so their teams feel valued & connected to the company mission and deliver tangible business outcomes.

With 20 Years of real business experience working in Financial Services for Global Fortune 500 organisations. We know first-hand the challenges that come with leading and developing large and complex teams, cross functional working and stakeholder management.

We work with leaders in SMEs and corporate organisations from a cross section of industries but with are specialist in Financial Services transformation.

Karen Muir

Rutland Coaching supports school leaders to make lasting positive changes to their team dynamic, to drive performance and retain key staff. Karen uses strengths philosophy to builds on the very best of who we are to make progress towards your most important goals.

All our e2grow programmes will help you as leader to

  • Tackle the thorniest issues in your team
  • Build your coaching capacity and impact
  • Raise performance and engagement in your team
  • Realign team goals and bring your team together

Karen is a PCC certified coach with the international coaching federation and a Gallup strengths certified coach. She has worked in education for 28 years as a teacher, senior leader , teaching alliance director and leadership coach. For extensive video testimonials and case studies in school teams please view www.rutlandcoaching.uk

Keith Webster, KC Strengths Hub

KConsultancy Ltd work Internationally with companies that truly the value the most important resource, their people. KConsultancy Ltd goal is to help its clients create lasting change and that see the need to engage their people to drive continuous growth for the organization, through a client-tailored and value-focused approach. At KConsultancy Limited we pride ourselves in helping organisations maximise their strengths and harmonising them around the company goal, recognising that success is a team effort and its vital that everyone commits to the same company goal(s) That’s what it takes.

Our Passion and expertise is in the Global Pharmaceutical sector. KConsultancy’s lead Coach, Keith Webster, has a comprehensive background in Pharmaceutical Sales, Sales & Key Account Management Performance with a long and distinguished career in The Pharmaceutical Industry. Keith also has a comprehensive background in coaching Senior Leadership Teams, at Pfizer. Since leaving Pfizer, Keith has become a certified Coach with The Academy of Executive Coaching and has expanded his work across 6*major Global Pharmaceutical Companies, coaching Senior Leaders from GM & Exec Team to the Customer facing Sales & Account Teams that drive the growth of pharmaceutical brands. KConsultantancy’s work supports Individual Leader development and helps to maximise team performance, by improving team communication, collaboration including cross functional teams. KConsultancy Ltd also supports leaders with clear strategic interventions, that drive improvements in employee engagement and resilience, identified through the Gallup Q12 Employee Engagement Survey.

Keith is a dual International Sportsmen, representing Great Britain in Bobsleigh and Road Cycling. KConsultancy Limited is industry agnostic, and has experience at Global President/CEO board level in the pharmaceutical, gold mining and technology industries. www.strengthshub.co.uk

Liz Clayton-Jones, Beehive Performance Ltd., Director

With a diverse career spanning three decades within global FMCG Liz has a deep understanding of the workings of complex organisations.

With much of the time spent focused on enterprise-wide engagement, high performance collaboration and maximising the learning and development experience for employees at all levels she has great insight into what makes individuals, teams and businesses successful through their people.

Her passion is bringing people with diverse thinking and working styles together to maximise performance outcomes, and as a certified Strengths Coach she helps people find their unique contribution, to own it, and to aim it at their personal, team and business goals.

Through deep listening she will get to know you, your business, your challenges and aspirations and will work in partnership with you to create the change program you need.

“You don’t build a business, you build people, and they build the business” -Zig Ziglar

dr. Peter Baloh,
e2grow partner​

At Ujemi Znanje we work with region’s most aspiring companies to mobilize their people to drive continuous growth for the organization, through a client-tailored and value-focused approach. We work with SMEs as well as large companies in variety of industries (insurance, pharmaceutical, ICT, utility, travel and others).

With our help and support A1, a part of Telekom Austria Group – one of the largest telco operators in the region, won several prestigious awards in several countries, among others Employer of the Year award in Slovenia and Serbia.

Parsek, a fast growing ICT company, was recognized by the EU as a company with highest potential. Because of their fast growth they faced several employee-related challenges. Through our program they managed to increase annual growth from 20% to 30% and are now aiming towards 40%.

At Bayer, 100.000 employees big multinational pharmaceutical company, we are helping improve intra-team cooperation and address individual challenges that were discovered in their annual culture survey.

Zavarovalnica Triglav, largest insurance company in the region is currently in the process of changing their culture and managers on all levels of the organization will go through intensive Ujemi Znanje program (including face to face coaching).

Alan Gregorec, e2grow

Alan Gregorec is an Gallup-Strengths Coach, e2grow HPT Coach, NLP Coach by Richard Bandler, NLP practioner and master, Licensed Team Coach and SDI Trainer . He successfully applies his 20 years of work experience in four international companies into education and coaching and through that helps organizations to build strong leaders.

In his career as an external Business and Life coach, he has worked with a various 140 coachees, and 85 of them by Gallup Clifton Strengths methodology. His top 5 talents by that model are: Woo, Positivity, Arranger, Communication and Focus.

As a Coach he deeply believes that through his work he can help individuals "to switch off the autopilot". His techniques are backuped with the achievements in NLP, which is short for neurolinguistics programming or simply - optimizing our mind.

Working as a trainer the highest attention is focused on the sales skills, communication, leadership and team performance. Until today he has developing employees in the following companies: OTP bank, Sparkasse bank, aBanka, Bank Celje, Triglav insurance, Croatian Telekom, A1 telekom, Petrol, Iskratel, AstraZeneca, Merck, FINA etc.

He is an active member of the Croatian Coaching Association,and a head trainer of their Coaching practice.

dr. Peter Baloh,
e2grow partner​

At Ujemi Znanje we work with region’s most aspiring companies to mobilize their people to drive continuous growth for the organization, through a client-tailored and value-focused approach. We work with SMEs as well as large companies in variety of industries (insurance, pharmaceutical, ICT, utility, travel and others).

With our help and support A1, a part of Telekom Austria Group – one of the largest telco operators in the region, won several prestigious awards in several countries, among others Employer of the Year award in Slovenia and Serbia.

Parsek, a fast growing ICT company, was recognized by the EU as a company with highest potential. Because of their fast growth they faced several employee-related challenges. Through our program they managed to increase annual growth from 20% to 30% and are now aiming towards 40%.

At Bayer, 100.000 employees big multinational pharmaceutical company, we are helping improve intra-team cooperation and address individual challenges that were discovered in their annual culture survey.

Zavarovalnica Triglav, largest insurance company in the region is currently in the process of changing their culture and managers on all levels of the organization will go through intensive Ujemi Znanje program (including face to face coaching).

dr. Peter Baloh,
e2grow partner​

At Ujemi Znanje we work with region’s most aspiring companies to mobilize their people to drive continuous growth for the organization, through a client-tailored and value-focused approach. We work with SMEs as well as large companies in variety of industries (insurance, pharmaceutical, ICT, utility, travel and others).

With our help and support A1, a part of Telekom Austria Group – one of the largest telco operators in the region, won several prestigious awards in several countries, among others Employer of the Year award in Slovenia and Serbia.

Parsek, a fast growing ICT company, was recognized by the EU as a company with highest potential. Because of their fast growth they faced several employee-related challenges. Through our program they managed to increase annual growth from 20% to 30% and are now aiming towards 40%.

At Bayer, 100.000 employees big multinational pharmaceutical company, we are helping improve intra-team cooperation and address individual challenges that were discovered in their annual culture survey.

Zavarovalnica Triglav, largest insurance company in the region is currently in the process of changing their culture and managers on all levels of the organization will go through intensive Ujemi Znanje program (including face to face coaching).

Yanil Suarez,
Strategic Team Partners, CEO

Strategic Team Partners has 15 years of experience working for different Healthcare Companies in areas such as sales, team building, leadership, recruiting, management and Consulting. The last 8 years we added different variety of Organizations such as Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Higher Education, Consulting Agencies, Industrial Manufacturing Communications and others. Our mission is simple to improve team work and boost productivity. We design and deliver educational programs and training to provide the knowledge and tools to accelerate Team Dynamics and collaboration. As Consultants we are focus in creating sustainable behavioral change by using your TEAM top Talents and Strengths, this will impact employee engagement, communication and Performance. We use different methodologies such as Individual Coaching, Group Coaching, Team Workshops, Mentoring and Training. Recently we added a new tool a virtual engagement platform called E2grow “Empowering employees to grow”

Lauren Wolfinger, Snowflake Coaching

Snowflake Coaching operates and functions with the Why in mind. By experiencing different aspects of Snowflake Coaching services and approaches, individuals learn how to question, reexamine, and recreate in an objective environment. These opportunities provide room for illumination and reflection on the habits affecting mind, body, and spirit; and therefore well-being.

My work experience is varied and extensive, but the main theme is my commitment to working with and for a purpose. As a student-athlete, turned sports coach, most of my opportunities have been focused on execution, understanding accomplishment, and overall betterment through learning new skills and navigating obstacles.

Rachel Monteverdi, Next Level -> Next Step

Next Level -> Next Step’s mission is to empower leaders and provide solutions utilizing proven methods and best practices in knowledge building. Because we believe in sustained superior performance: We specialize in discovering strengths, changing habits and establishing leadership practices to close gaps and drive high levels of engagement. We leverage the primary teachings and proven practices from Gallup® CliftonStrengths®, FranklinCovey® Seven Habits of Highly Effective People® & Wiley® The Leadership Challenge®

Who are our most effective clients? Those seeking a sustainable, long-lasting change for their workforce. These leaders recognize ‘one and done’ development doesn’t work – and are looking for something that actually does.

Our most extraordinary clients want to take a proven approach. They value those who have spent decades helping millions around the world shape or shift the culture into something different – something meaningful, purposeful, productive yet positive.

Our most exemplary clients know becoming extraordinary or world-class is not for everyone; getting there takes commitment and perseverance. It takes a strengths-based approach and requires dedication. This type of development is for those who truly want to take themselves, their teams and their organizations to the next level, one step at a time. Are you ready for that transformation to begin? That time is now.

Rachel Monteverdi, Chief Empowerment Officer, Next Level -> Next Step

Prior to launching Next Level -> Next Step, Rachel was the head of a training division for Duke University. She was also the director of educational programs for a region on the East coast of the USA and has held various consulting roles along the way.

Kristen Brunkow O’Shea

O'Shea Strengths Coaching provides human and organizational development for individuals and teams through Gallup CliftonStrengths. O'Shea Strengths Coaching has moved the needle on employee engagement and well-being for corporate, nonprofit, government, and faith organizations. Some organizations include, US Bank, McCown Gordon Construction, Berberich Trahan & Co. Accounting, Aging Services organization, State Associations and Community Chambers. CEO, Kristen O'Shea, proudly pioneered and championed the vision of Kansas State University becoming a Strengths-based campus. The journey of how she increased engagement, well-being and retention, and impacted a campus of more than 28,000 students is a Gallup’s featured case study. She was one of the keynote speakers at the Gallup CliftonStrengths Summit 2018.
O'Shea Strengths Coaching works with teams to go beyond self-awareness and others awareness to to improve business outcomes. The outcome is not to become a strengths based organization, but use strengths as a tool to increase your team's performance. The process includes pre and post measurements of employee engagement, team sessions, one-on-one coaching for creation of habits, and finally the online platform E2grow for daily integration of strengths into the "day to day."

Jenequa Eldridge

Eldridge’s full-service consulting firm specializes in Corporate Strategy and Workplace Strengths Training, and Coaching for Executives, Directors, Managers, and other entity leadership. She is a dedicated professional development agent with over 20 years of experience and a propensity for developing and implementing innovative training sessions and professional development programs. As a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, she is committed to helping individuals discover and develop their natural gifts and talents. She is a lead specialist in the strength-based methodology and inspires individuals, organizations, and corporate teams to value the impact of a relevant and robust learning and development program.

She is also a certified trainer on professional soft skills such as communication, time management, workforce engagement and leadership. Due to her varied background she is just as comfortable on the production floor as she is in the boardroom.

An impassioned diversity and inclusion advocate, Eldridge is equally dedicated to training and coaching designed to improve the quality of the employment and work/life balance experience for women at the helm of corporate leadership. Her continuing mission is to ensure an industry-progressive, platinum standard of excellence in corporate systems and executives, and an unwavering confidence and precision in the leadership of the teams they are employed to appoint, galvanize, and guide.

Jenequa is devoted to the empowerment and enfranchisement of individuals, teams, and organizations through self-discovery and development. She seeks to inspire, motivate, and foster a culture of synergetic cooperation; emboldening those she encounters with a desire to be - better.

Chad T. Ahern, Talent and Teams Consulting

Talent and Teams Consulting focuses on supporting B-corporations and similarly mission-driven organizations improve business performance by enhancing employee engagement through Strengths alignment.

Founder & Principal Coach, Chad T. Ahern, is driven by the experience of being a learner and brings a thorough, conscientious, and data-driven approach to any coaching engagement. He seeks opportunities to work with data-driven teams and organizations who prefer to celebrate cognitive diversity and sacrifice personal agendas in pursuit of team performance. A passionate basketball and soccer athlete (and youth soccer coach) Chad also brings lessons from sport into his professional coaching work.

Our clients include: Morris Recruiting & Consulting; City Market / Onion River Co-op; Norwich University; OneDigital Health & Benefits (Vermont); Leadership Champlain; and the Lake Champlain Chamber.

Bianca Kux

Bianca is the founder of Bianca Kux Coaching & Training. She inspires leaders to discover and accept their talents, to break their fears and to live wholeheartedly. She accompanies them on their way to their full potential wherever change is about to happen and to listen to and follow the inner voice so that one's own personality begins to radiate authenticity and sparkle.

Bianca has also founded a ladies community where she supports women to discover their talents and monetize them. She gives regular workshops on the topic of financial freedom and how to „exit the rat race“ in cooperation with the Institute of Financial Education in Switzerland. The workshops are based on Robert & Kim Kiyosakis books „Rich Dad, Poor Dad“ and „Rich Women“ and the educational game Cashflow.

Bianca has a business background and has worked for over ten years for leading global brands such as Johnson & Johnson, Migros, Adidas, BMW and PwC. Intensive education and training in sales, training and personality development, especially with Tony Robbins and JT Foxx, help Bianca to quench its thirst for knowledge and to develop her competences.

Petra Fusková, Maxilogy

Daniela Sovinec, Maxilogy

Our WHY for YOUR SUCCESS - Helping individuals grow so that your teams excel

At Maxilogy we understand how holistic and systemic view at the organization in combination with a structured step-by-step approach can enable your organization to achieve its goals and realize its vision. It is your challenges that need to be overcome on the way to realize your vision that triggers our genuine interest becoming your trustworthy partner who builds on its diverse business experience and professional approach committed to excellence.

We believe in making a difference in your professional life and the lives of your employees so that still more people feel inspired to go to work. We want people feel empowered and trusted in their jobs, and fulfilled by the contribution they make. We help you better understand and capitalize on what you do well so that you can drive your own and your team’s performance to excellence. We help you build high-performance culture in your organization and thus increase positive impact on employee and customer engagement, productivity and profitability.

Katka Medvecova Plichtova

I help leaders, professionals, and business owners (both individuals and teams) who want to define and leverage their strengths so that they can have more meaning and connection in their work/business and life.

I have 16 years of experience from corporations, specifically in the insurance industry (Allianz, NN Insurance, Aegon).

Nicole Seichter, Strengths4you

“At Strengths4you, we get up every day to help teams, organizations and individuals develop a healthy and strengths based company culture”.

After her corporate career she became a coach in 2007 and published the best-selling book “ENJOY- a new way to approach stress and burnout” in 2017 and founded Strengths4you. With Strengths4you, Nicole has been coaching teams and individuals across the world on the strengths based philosophy for over 6 years now.

Our true goal is to create leaders who are able guiding their team in challenging times and support their growth in “normal” times. Teams, who work with Strengths4you, welcome the energy and inspiration they experience before, during and after the workshops /coaching sessions. Leaders, who worked with Strengths4you, appreciated the broad overview and effective solutions they got presented with. A client of Strengths4you once said that “Nicole and her team have an incredible energy they bring to workshops and are able to inspire the audience to explore and develop an individual’s purpose and potential”.

Clients of E2grow-Programs and her leadership training program can be sure of being able to make change stick and retain talent that goes the extra mile.

Marisol von Appen

Commpaz, based in Bielefeld, Germany, empowers leaders to create cultures, where everybody loves what they do and knows why! Basically, where everybody can´t wait for Monday to arrive!

After an extensive international career in the shipping and food television industry, Marisol has been a business and leadership coach for many years, and a Gallup Certified StrengthsCoach since 2018. Her personal passion is to enable teams to find the best way to collaborate, putting the talents, strengths and differences of people to use for mutual empowerment and growth instead of creating misunderstanding, conflict and stress.

With her team at Commpaz, she offers impactful coachings, workshops and thoughtfully designed programmes - (em)-powered by the e2grow digital platform - for leaders and their teams. These lead to unlocking individual and team potential, enable better communication, collaboration and connection to the purpose, guiding principles and vision of the company. Which all together lead to a thriving culture with sustainable growth, where everybody is looking forward to Monday!


Sophie Herschtel Keldsen, SHK Coaching

Merel Wolff, SHK Coaching

SHK Coaching focuses on Leadership and Strengths coaching to empower individuals and teams.

Sophie coaches professionals living abroad, having a global position and/or looking for a coach with international experience. Her customers are spread all over Europe as the coaching takes place mostly via video conference. The sessions are held in French, English, German or in Danish. Sophie also works with cross functional/cultural teams and how they can become high-performance teams.

Sophie worked in international/global positions for 15 years, working mainly as a Product/Category Manager, in large organizations such as GN (Jabra), Sony Mobile, Bang & Olufsen and Pandora Jewellery.

Sophie is a Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC) from the Co-Active Training Institute, Associate Certified Coach from the International Coach Federation, and a Gallup certified Strengths Coach.

Christian Holst, Strengths

We are STRENGTHS. We work every day with optimizing and increasing leaders’ and organizations’ engagement and performance by exploring and developing their talents and grow them into strengths.

Research from Gallup shows that the greatest potential we have for sustainable development is by identifying our talents, the ways we most naturally think, feel and behave. And then build on those talents and develop them into strengths - the ability to consistently deliver an almost perfect performance.

As a Business Partner with Gallup, we offer a range of evidence-based learning and developmental tools.

We are all Certified Strengths-Based Coaches and contribute consistently to high value outcomes for our customers.

As a partner to E2Grow we offer a unique digital talent development platform that makes learning and development efficient and lasting.

Our mission is to make a significant development for our customers - To make the difference that improves and multiplies the existing engagement and performance.

Louann McCurdy, PeerSpectives Consulting, Co-Founder

Stephanie Koonar, PeerSpectives Consulting, Co-Founder

PeerSpectives Consulting, based in Vancouver, Canada, empowers purpose-driven individuals and organizations to be their best. Co-Founders Stephanie Koonar and Louann McCurdy are committed to supporting diverse and inclusive leadership. Louann has worked as an Engineer, I/T professional and educator in 5 countries - Canada, USA, Singapore, France and India. And Stephanie has experience working with international teams in Dublin, Milan, Guadalajara and London.

At PeerSpectives Consulting we have a special interest in working with education partners and specifically coaching young adults, empowering them to uncover their strengths as they discover their path towards a meaningful career and become the leaders of tomorrow.

We coach individuals and facilitate workshops to create real behavioural change which improve collaboration and productivity, using a combination of coaching, group sessions and the e2grow online coaching platform.

Some of our clients are the BC Chapter of the American Marketing Association, Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland, the Vancouver Board of Trade, Company of Young Professionals, the Leaders of Tomorrow Program, Langara College, Simon Fraser University TEDx, Unity Spiritual Center, Crofton House School for Girls, LatinCouver and the University Women's Club of Vancouver.

Charlotte Blair, The Strengths Partners, Partner

Charlotte originally from England now lives in Victoria, Australia. She divides her time between Coaching and Mentoring other Global Coaches, helping them expand their reach and business and working with Teams an Organisations.

Charlotte transitioned her career from IT Sales to a well respected coach and facilitator in 2013. Her driving force is helping individuals, teams and Managers Maximize their potential and live their best life possible. Charlotte is an expert in Navigating Change Using Strengths and works with a broad range of clients from Non for profit, Universities and Global Corporates.

Charlotte has spoken at 3 CliftonStrengths Summits, is one of a handful Accredited Coaches in Australia accredited to deliver the CliftonStrengths Discovery Course.

José Miguel Valcárcel

Jaime Olalquiaga

Beatriz Ramiro de Peñaranda

Ramón Solá

Juan Gimeno

We are GroWaves, a senior team of coaches and consultants who through a refined methodology based on strengths and behavioral change engineering, supported by the newest technology, get people to love what they do while enjoying a great quality of life.

Only in this way these people can perform voluntarily that extra mile that leads them and their organizations to innovate and achieve extraordinary results.

Roberto F. Patrone, PROFUNDIZ LATAM, CEO

PROFUNDIZ, Consulting in Disruptive Human Development, with more than 15 years of experience. Has provided its services to companies from Latin America, Spain, USA among others, with different industries, such as IT, Manufacturing, Education, Government, Insurance, Commerce, among others, public and private.

Our focus is the Key Results of each organization, Oriented to Produce Changes as * Confidence Generators to deepen the disruptive development both at a 1 to 1 level and in teams.

PROFUNDIZ works with First Level Partners such as: Gallup Inc, WLJ Advisors, Clifton Strengths Center, E2grow, among others, providing Conferences, Conversations, Advice, Training, Training, Coaching Sessions to Executives, Professionals, Leaders and Teams of High performance.

We want to be your Partner, today, tomorrow and always.

Edwin Forero Pacheco

Executive director of EFP Consulting, Administrator and Logistic administrator. Master in creativity and innovation. Strengths Coach for teams and executive leaders.

We are an Organization created by business leaders with the great commitment to teach, consult, accompany, inspire, lead and motivate people and Organizations to discover their talents and empower them in strengths, with tools such as: Emotional intelligence, NLP, transformational leadership, with workshops, conferences, coaching and mentoring for entrepreneurs and businessmen through our services to achieved transformational improvement with purpose.

Action + Heart = Passion

Xavier Bartholomé

At C2O2, we help 💁🏼 Entrepreneurs and Business Owners to live their passion/project with more serenity 😌 and less frustration😖

We do this by bringing them and their team to

🎯 align on the business project

🧱 better organize themselves

🧐 know each other better

🚀 improve their leader/manager posture

And we're doing this because we get frustrated 🤯 when we see the unrealized potential of all these companies!

So we spend time ⏳ with the owner and the team to help them to reflect 💭 on their Business and their Talents 💪 in a structured and efficient way!

Sissel M. Andersen

Sissel M. Andersen is Gallup Strenght's coach, e2grow HPT Coach, and certified as ICF coach, ACC-level.

She assists leaders and teams with their development processes.

What we deliver:

Strength-focused leadership that contributes to increased engagement and high-performanceteams.

  • Why it's important: Managers have a big impact on employee performance and engagement, and in particular in remote management.

How we do it:

  • We use reputable digital tools through Gallup International and e2grow, which identifies the unique talents and strengths through an award-winning and recognized learning program.
  • I program incorporated new mindsets and routines. We change and inspire the way they give feedback to theirs, how they develop and communicate with them, and how they make them feel stronger ownership of the team and perform even better together.

Sissel has through various leadership roles in the financial industry, considerable experience in management, restructuring and change processes, sales management, change management, communication, conflict management and human resources management for both larger and smaller groups. She has been both a coach and a examiner at the company's internal sales school.

Furthermore, she has extensive experience from the elite sports community, both as an athlete, coach and leader.

Sissel has a formal background from economics studies at BI Business School.

Coach from BI and Erickson Coaching Norway.


Karin Range

Karin Range empower individuals, teams, leaders, HR and organizations to unleash their greatest talents into strengths and successes. She is passionate about maximizing the potential of employees and developing talent for the future.
Karin uses strengths-based philosophy that emphasizes unique strengths as a common “language” which brings winning culture change, more motivation, development and higher engagement.

Karin is Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach since 2015, e2grow Coach, experienced Executive Coach, DNCF Certified Coach (NLP), and Meta-Coach®.
Karin has more than 30 years leadership background in publishing industry (Nordic countries).

Core business values:
💚 Generous sharing
💚 Empowerment
💚 Respect & integrity

Reach her at: www.strengths.no, or follow Karin on Instagram @strengthsnerd

Karin’s Top five CliftonStrengths: Input, Connectedness, Learner, Intellection, and Adaptability.


A1 Vip - Market leader in two countries, part of a multinational communications company

“In our company we lacked mutual trust, cooperation, fast reaction, the feeling of one vision and energy. After two coaching sessions with 200 leaders partners at Ujemi Znanje made visible changes not only in behaviour and atmosphere but also in tangible results.” – Larisa Grizilo, Senior HR and Corporate Communication Manager

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Elektro Gorenjska - Largest regional electricity distribution company

“Not only myself, even my fellows realized that the coaching actually works! Strategic projects we were unable to start beforehand are now nearing their finish. People started to collaborate constructively!” – Bojan Luskovec, Chairman of the Board

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Parsek - Venture capital backed fast growing high-end enterprise IT solutions

„At our company the Ujemi Znanje team managed to change our focus from internal challenges and conflicts into remarkable, in vision and customer focused teams. The feeling we are helping each other and fast response gave us additional energy and we are consequently opening 4 new European markets with a strategically important product.” – Janez Bensa, CEO

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eŠola - holds 90% market share in educational informations systems in Slovenia

It is a fast-growing IT development company, which had some challenges with establishing a culture of cooperation and user-centrism. We created a tailor-made management coaching program, focused on how leaders encourage the behaviours they wanted through every day interactions.

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STA Potovanja - largest travel company for students and young people

STA grew significantly, which put pressure on the productivity and sales conversion in the company. We created a tailor-made program of leadership and sales training, through which they managed to increase sales by up to 20% and significantly improve employee engagement.

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Qantas - the flag carrier of Australia and its largest airline

Qantas struggled with low cabin crew engagement and therefore low customer satisfaction. Through coaching 150 managers they learned how to lead their 10.000+ flight attendants they managed to increase their average Promoter Score from 6 to 8.

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SIJ Ravne Steel Center - one of the largest producers of stainless and special steels in Europe

Their fast growth brought with it the need to hire new shift managers, who were not yet versed as managers. We created an individual coaching program for them, empowering them to significantly improve the cleanliness of the warehouse, keeping a higher safety standard, as well as ensuring urgent orders were delivered on time.

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