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With MS Office 365 integrations e2grow brings every employee’s do’s and don’ts front and center

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all emails and hello to efficiency!

Research shows 62% of all email is not important and can be processed in bulk. Transform your communication with personalized, efficient messaging in Outlook. Align quickly, get faster responses, and resolve issues swiftly. Propel your projects forward with unmatched speed and effectiveness.

Empower your team dynamics right within MS Teams.

Employees spend roughly 2.8 hours each week involved in conflict. Empower te way your team interacts and get everyone's strengths profiles at their fingertips, enhancing understanding and collaboration. Unlock insights into what motivates each team member, their unique working styles, and how to give them effective feedback. Seamlessly integrate strengths into every interaction, whether messaging or calls, ensuring every interaction is informed, efficient, and impactful.

Maximize Online Call Efficiency in Microsoft Teams

71% of senior managers deem meetings unproductive and inefficient. Get insight for what to do and what to avoid with each of the participants. Effortlessly access valuable insights to enrich interactions. Benefit from customized communication recommendations for each colleague, ensuring your calls are more efficient, focused on results, and geared towards driving productivity and success.

Teamgrid: Unveil the Power of Team Synergy

Teams that recognize and develop their specific strengths tend to have 24% lower turnover. Discover the essence of team collaboration with Teamgrid in Microsoft Teams. Gain insights into how your team unites, leveraging their collective strengths and the unique contributions of each individual. Unlock the potential of your team's dynamics for unparalleled collaboration and success.

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Unleashing team potential at FIRST ONSITE

How FIRST ONSITE leverages strengths and high-performing team workshops to empower project managers and leaders and create a growth culture of success and well-being

The principal's vision becomes a new reality for a school where they use their talents to create and develop an active and fulfilling community

How e2grow's High Performing Team program and practical application of teacher’s Strengths have led them to achieve various goals in daily life and maintain their overall well-being.

Overachieving business goals and reorganizing the organizational structure with the knowledge of people’s strengths

Since Panteh implemented the e2grow program for high performing team, product sales have increased and inventory levels have also been optimized. By implementing a new organizational structure and understanding the talents of their colleagues, they have found a common language that has improved communication and visibly increased well-being in the workplace.

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