80% of companies fail to realize their vision.

We help you achieve yours.

What we do is efficiently instil new mindset and new routines in individuals, teams and organizations. We change the way your managers inspire people, how they make them feel, how they develop them, and how they communicate with them and amongst each other. In the analogue and digital world.

Strengths philosophy is the premise from which we operate: we don’t fix weaknesses, rather we manage them and grow on strengths.

Check key benefits

Key benefits

The result is a tangible and sustained improvement in the key success indicators of our client organizations - in their levels of employee engagement, accountability, empowerment, trust, customer experience, revenue and profitability growth, talent retention rate, desirability for millennials, and time-to-market.

Our approach

How we accomplish transformation into strengths based organization

e2grow platform

Your digital assistant for success


Get contextual, personalized insights and tips on how to inspire, praise, give suggestions or avoid conflicts with people, based on their unique strengths.


Get to know yourself through your strengths and read through personalized insights and tips on how to be more productive and excellent, how to reach your goals by eliminating your weaknesses while focusing on mastering what you are naturally good at.


98% of employees will fail to be engaged when managers give little or no feedback.* Find the people who didn’t get enough feedback and give it to them, supported by e2grow’s personalized advice and insights.
*Survey by Westminster College (U.S. Employees)


Find common ground, discover and understand the value and needs of each group member, so you can fine-tune your collaboration for maximum results and minimum conflict.

e2grow global presence

Ensures best experience and results guaranteed by local native speaking coaches.

Ciara Kelly, CEO, Futureneerz and e2grow partner for Ireland and UK about e2grow

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Borut Jeglič,
Ujemi Znanje, partner​ borut@e2grow.com

e2grow continuously searches for new ways to efficiently instil new mindset and routines in individuals, teams and organizations. It collaborates with world’s best companies and coaches to develop and embed the best approaches that actually deliver business results.
e2grow knows technology itself cannot solve people-related problems, but we strongly believe that only by embracing technology we can achieve company-wide long-lasting impact.
Both in-company and independent coaches benefit from making the e2grow platform an integral part of their offering by increasing relevance, longevity and return of their project. Independent coaches also receive additional lifetime passive income from using the platform.

Jurrien Mammen jurrien@e2grow.com

Ciara Kelly,
Futureneerz, CEO​ Ciara@futureneerz.com

We are FUTURENEERZ – Future Leader Pioneers to help organizations develop TODAY’s young talent into TOMORROW’s leaders. We help organisations and their managers better understand, develop and retain their young talent (Millennials & Centennials) and boost overall team performance.
At FUTURENEERZ. our mission is to empower teams to do their BEST WORK!
FUTURENEERZ offers a unique talent activation platform that sticks. We combine individual coaching sessions, team workshops & the e2grow online coaching tool that embeds REAL change in the team on a daily basis. Our platform enables organisations to scale up & reach every single employee - unlocking their personal power & edge so the organisation and their teams thrive.
We work with SMEs as well as large organisations in variety of industries (Fast Moving Consumer Goods & Services (FMCG), Financial Services, Technology, Higher Education, PR & Events, Graduate Recruitment, IT, and Beauty & Cosmetics, Hospitality & Tourism and others).
At Irish Distillers (part of the Groupe Pernod Ricard with 19,500 employees), we are helping to boost team collaboration, communication & productivity so each team member thrives in work.
At Grant Thornton (Ireland's fastest growing professional services firm), we are helping improve team collaboration, cross functional team communication and addressing individual & team challenges that were raised in their annual employee engagement survey.

Keith Webster keith@e2grow.com

KConsultancy Ltd work Internationally with companies that truly the value the most important resource, their people. KConsultancy Ltd goal is to help its clients create lasting change and that see the need to engage their people to drive continuous growth for the organization, through a client-tailored and value-focused approach. At KConsultancy Limited we pride ourselves in helping organisations maximise their strengths and harmonising them around the company goal, recognising that success is a team effort and its vital that everyone commits to the same company goal(s) That’s what it takes.


We are industry agnostic, and have experience in the pharmaceutical, gold mining and technology industries.

Currently we are working with Lydian International an International gold developer, focusing on construction at its 100%-owned Amulsar Gold Project, located in south-central Armenia. Amulsar presents an opportunity for a large-scale, low-cost operation with production expected to commence in Q4 2018, with ramp-up continuing into 2019. Open pit mining and conventional heap leach processing contribute to excellent scale and economic potential.

Amulsar will be Armenia's largest gold mine, with estimated mineral resources containing 3.5 million measured and indicated gold ounces and 1.3 million inferred gold ounces. Gold production is targeted to average approximately 225,000 ounces annually over an initial 10-year mine life

At Lydian, KConsultancy Limited is helping improve the Global intra-Executive Committee(ExC0) co-operation and address individual challenges to ensure they collaboratively work better together to "pour Gold" on time and on budget.

dr. Peter Baloh,
e2grow partner​ pbaloh@e2grow.com

At Ujemi Znanje we work with region’s most aspiring companies to mobilize their people to drive continuous growth for the organization, through a client-tailored and value-focused approach. We work with SMEs as well as large companies in variety of industries (insurance, pharmaceutical, ICT, utility, travel and others).
With our help and support A1, a part of Telekom Austria Group – one of the largest telco operators in the region, won several prestigious awards in several countries, among others Employer of the Year award in Slovenia and Serbia.
Parsek, a fast growing ICT company, was recognized by the EU as a company with highest potential. Because of their fast growth they faced several employee-related challenges. Through our program they managed to increase annual growth from 20% to 30% and are now aiming towards 40%.
At Bayer, 100.000 employees big multinational pharmaceutical company, we are helping improve intra-team cooperation and address individual challenges that were discovered in their annual culture survey.
Zavarovalnica Triglav, largest insurance company in the region is currently in the process of changing their culture and managers on all levels of the organization will go through intensive Ujemi Znanje program (including face to face coaching).

Yanil Suarez,
Strategic Team Partners, CEO coachyanilpr@gmail.com

Strategic Team Partners has 15 years of experience working for different Healthcare Companies in areas such as sales, team building, leadership, recruiting, management and Consulting. The last 8 years we added different variety of Organizations such as Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Higher Education, Consulting Agencies, Industrial Manufacturing Communications and others. Our mission is simple to improve team work and boost productivity. We design and deliver educational programs and training to provide the knowledge and tools to accelerate Team Dynamics and collaboration. As Consultants we are focus in creating sustainable behavioral change by using your TEAM top Talents and Strengths, this will impact employee engagement, communication and Performance. We use different methodologies such as Individual Coaching, Group Coaching, Team Workshops, Mentoring and Training. Recently we added a new tool a virtual engagement platform called E2grow “Empowering employees to grow”

Johan Ousthiuzen johan@e2grow.com

Alicia Santamaria alicia@e2grow.com


A1 Vip - Market leader in two countries, part of a multinational communications company

“In our company we lacked mutual trust, cooperation, fast reaction, the feeling of one vision and energy. After two coaching sessions with 200 leaders partners at Ujemi Znanje made visible changes not only in behaviour and atmosphere but also in tangible results.” – Larisa Grizilo, Senior HR and Corporate Communication Manager

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Elektro Gorenjska - Largest regional electricity distribution company

“Not only myself, even my fellows realized that the coaching actually works! Strategic projects we were unable to start beforehand are now nearing their finish. People started to collaborate constructively!” – Bojan Luskovec, Chairman of the Board

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Parsek - Venture capital backed fast growing high-end enterprise IT solutions

„At our company the Ujemi Znanje team managed to change our focus from internal challenges and conflicts into remarkable, in vision and customer focused teams. The feeling we are helping each other and fast response gave us additional energy and we are consequently opening 4 new European markets with a strategically important product.” – Janez Bensa, CEO

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eŠola - holds 90% market share in educational informations systems in Slovenia

It is a fast-growing IT development company, which had some challenges with establishing a culture of cooperation and user-centrism. We created a tailor-made management coaching program, focused on how leaders encourage the behaviours they wanted through every day interactions.

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STA Potovanja - largest travel company for students and young people

STA grew significantly, which put pressure on the productivity and sales conversion in the company. We created a tailor-made program of leadership and sales training, through which they managed to increase sales by up to 20% and significantly improve employee engagement.

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Qantas - the flag carrier of Australia and its largest airline

Qantas struggled with low cabin crew engagement and therefore low customer satisfaction. Through coaching 150 managers they learned how to lead their 10.000+ flight attendants they managed to increase their average Promoter Score from 6 to 8.

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SIJ Ravne Steel Center - one of the largest producers of stainless and special steels in Europe

Their fast growth brought with it the need to hire new shift managers, who were not yet versed as managers. We created an individual coaching program for them, empowering them to significantly improve the cleanliness of the warehouse, keeping a higher safety standard, as well as ensuring urgent orders were delivered on time.

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