Solving customer complaints 85% faster

How we transformed organizational culture in A1 Slovenia and VIP Mobile Serbia and turned a downward spiral of talent loss and a drop in market share into the best employer and best advertiser of the year with an increasing market share.

Case in numbers

From 70% to 99%
Talent retention
From 0% to 100%
Projects delivered within budget and timeframe
Time to solve customer complaints

The challenge: a culture clash after merger

Three telecom companies from Slovenia and Serbia (Si.Mobil, Amis and Vip Mobile) recently merged into a cluster company, owned by Telekom Austria Group. While the merger makes sense from the market perspective (convergence of services), its execution represents a challenge. Three completely different cultures, further ignited with a clash of technologies and mindsets, were a breeding ground of low level of trust, high level of fear, destructive competitiveness, and high rate of unproductive conflict. These were striking opposites of Telekom Austria Group’s organizational culture values. Moreover, company‘s „focus on the customer“ value was not reflected in actual business results (i.e. in measured Net Promoter Score, churn, and other KPIs).

Our solution: training internal executive coaches for sustainable change

We applied the e2grow methodology of intensive interventions which transformed how managers create inspiring environment, work on trust, and inspire contribution and psychological safety. Non-managers got to understand how they can use own talents to be more productive, less stressed, and how they can better contribute in high performing teams. We used Gallup CliftonStrengths to identify talent profiles of about 350 managers and experts. We did a series of individual and group coaching sessions to instill strengths-related behaviors across the company. Managers coaching sessions included creation of new routines in their everyday leadership practices. For sustainable impact, we trained 14 internal executive coaches that carry on coaching interventions on a daily basis. We drove scalability and stickiness of the transformation through the e2grow digital platform.

The results: engaged and inspired employees contribute to company’s vision

We helped create an organizational culture where managers translate company‘s vision into the heart of daily interactions, build engagement and drive performance through people’s strengths and through “people” mindset. 90% of the managers now provide inspirational feedback, even when the feedback is a suggestion for improvement. Weekly meetings include agile prioritization and focus on contribution to the vision. Measured through KPIs, some of the results include decrease of time-to-resolve-customer-complaint by 80% and 99% retention rate. New hirees automatically go through a strengths program; all the people development programs now empower people through strengths mindset.

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