My why

I help managers release and develop the potential in employees and teams.

My top values
  • Accountability
  • Loyalty
  • Respect
My superpower

Figuring out how different people can work together productively.

We help managers release and develop the potential in employees and teams

Brought impact to clients like:

Customer results:

Fun facts

My favorite part of my work is …

… The moment when I see a movement in the desired direction happen and what it does to the client.

In my workshops, I always …

… concerned with the client's goals and why this goal is important.

I know we have done magnificent work, when …

… our customers have discovered each other's strengths and use them for the good of the organization, their customers and partners.

I especially love working with clients, who …

… see the possibilities in developing.

The proudest moment of my professional life:

when a customer said, “I potential thought no one could contribute to my development, but now I have discovered that the team I am a member of can actually contribute to me becoming an even better version of myself”.

The question I always ask my clients:

“What do you want to achieve and why is it important?”.

The word my clients most often use to describe me:

Listening, comfortable, creates security, asking good questions.

Three words I would use to describe me:

Listening, friendly, interested in what motivates people, and focused on development and wellbeing.

The worst piece of advice I’ve ever received (in business):

“Go out and be the boss”.

A quote that inspires my work:

“What will happen when we think what is right with people, rather than fixating on what is wrong with them”
- Jon Clifton

I love being a part of the e2grow community because …

  • Enthusiastic and positive
  • Professionally competent
  • Focus on development
  • Find the best and share
  • Large network worldwide
  • Good at creating networks
  • Available for us coacher, following up
  • Creates effective programs that create development
  • Inspiring professional environment
  • Plus lots of humor and fun

Number of kids and/or pets:

2 kids and 4 grandchildren.

Hobbies and interests:

Physical activity, exercise, walks with my dog. Relaxing Knitting. Reading about subjects; motivation, mental development and crime.

I would not be who I am today without …

… my experiences and my mentors.

A book so good I bought it for others:

“think like a monk” with Jay Shetty

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Profession/educational background

Economics from BI

Years of experience as a coach

15 years


Clifton Strengths
Erickson Profession Certified Coach

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