My why

To increase the level of awareness, so every person has more freedom to make better and more conscious choices

My top values
  • Regard
  • Commitment
  • Joy
My superpower

Giving day to day examples to bring abstract concepts down to Earth.

Developing awareness and talent

Brought impact to clients like:

Favorite quote

Perfection is the enemy of good.

Fun facts

My favorite part of my work is …

… creating personalized workshops.

In my workshops, I always …

… get people to experience things via activities, so they can learn easier.

In my workshops, I try not to …

… give too much theory.

I know we have done magnificent work, when …

… I receive a note / email after the workshop telling me about a situation in which a participant used what we learned at the workshop that meant a change for good in their lives.

I especially love to work with clients, who …

… strongly believe in developing their people, both professionally and personally.

Please spare us both the pain and do not even contact me if …

… you are already an expert and don’t think I can add value.

The proudest moment of my professional life:

Each time someone has a real insight that will immediately mean a change in their lives, that makes them and others around them happier.

The questions I always ask my clients:

When does someone stop being a person when they get into work? (When they park their car? When they sit on their chair? When they open their PC…?) What would you like to have achieved when we finish the workshop?

The word my clients most often use to describe me:

“You simplify things and concepts with your examples.”

Now, this is annoying:

People thinking that the decisions they take only affect them.

Specialist subject:

Emotional Intelligence.

The world would be a better place if …

… everybody worked on improving small things in their immediate environment – l cannot save the planet alone, but I can switch off the lights from the training room when we go for lunch – what a difference it would make if we all took these little steps towards a better world for all…

I would not be who I am today without …

… my family

If I were an activist, I would fight for …

… emotional Intelligence to be a compulsory subject at school, for all ages.

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Profession/educational background

Senior Coach
Higher Degree in Marketing

Years of experience as a coach

12 years


life coaching
executive coaching
Expert in Emotional Intelligence
Strengths Coach

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