Terms of agreement and Privacy policy for usage of the e2grow web and mobile platform

1. e2grow Web, Mobile and Add-in platform

e2grow web, mobile and add-in platform (from now on: Platform) enables users to see the profiles of people they are contacting, give and receive feedback (eg. praise and suggestions) from other users and browse through insights and content to better understand different profiles of people. Users instal the mobile app of the Platform through various app marketplaces (like Google Android Market, Apple iTunes Store), in a way and under conditions determined by the creator of the marketplace. Users install product add-ins through respective product stores like Microsoft Office Store for add-in for Microsoft Outlook, in a way and under conditions determined by the creator of the marketplace.

e2grow Platform Terms of Use

These Terms of Use for the e2grow platform (from now on: Terms of Use) determine all the relevant conditions and obligations to use the Platform. They are published online at www.e2grow.com.

Platform provider
Platform provider is the company e2grow d.o.o., Rožna dolina cesta II 29, SI-1000 Ljubljana, registration number: 7141564000, registered in Ljubljana, Republic of Slovenia (from now on: Provider).

A user is every person, who uses any of the tools of the Platform – e2grow mobile app, e2grow Outlook plugin, e2grow website or any other tools.

2. Platform Terms of Use

Users download and install the e2grow mobile app to their smart phone through one of the app marketplaces in a way and under conditions determined by the marketplace provider.

When first logging into the Platform (or any tool of the Platform) users agree with there Terms of Use. If they do not, they cannot use the Platform.

3. Platform Content

Content and data, which users receives through the use of the Platform are merely informative in nature and serve only informative purposes. User profiles are not intended for recruiting or choosing candidates for specific positions. They are also not intended for setting salaries or other compensation options.

4. Platforme Price

The price for using the Platform is determined and agreed between the provider and the user's employer.

Users are responsible for any data transfer charges by their internet service provider, according to the official price list of the internet service provider.

5. Privacy and user's personal data security

Users can control who they share they profiles with through any of the Platform's tools. They can set their profile to be visible to:

  • nobody (except themselves),
  • only those selected by the user,
  • employees in their organization.

They can then change this privacy setting any time and as often as they want, through the Platform's settings.

Users, who do not share their profile with anyone, also can't see the profiles of other users (their colleagues). These profiles are unlocked only when they decide to share their own profile.

Provider is explicitly bound to save, use and process all the personal data in compliance with current laws and regulations covering personal data protection. All users who forward the data to the Provider, or for which the Provider obtains the data from other sources, agree with the Provider using and processing these data for the time period and purpose for which the data was forwarded or obtained.

Add-ins like Microsoft Outlook add-in do not collect any content data. The only data transferred between the add-in and e2grow servers is the e-mail address of the recipient(s) and sender. This address is used for the purpose of selection which user’s profile ought to be shown to the add-in user.

Users can, at any point, demand their data and profile to be deleted. They can do that by sending a data deletion request to support@e2grow.com.

6. Copyright

The e2grow products and their content are entirely developed by e2grow (UjemiRast ltd company) and are NOT products of Gallup, Inc (R) nor the Clifton StrengthsFinder (R). We would like to acknowledge Gallup and the CSF for their data and research tool which allows everyone to identify their strengths.

Clifton StrengthsFinder(R) and StrengthsFinder(R) and each of the Clifton StrengthsFinder(R) theme names are trademarks of Gallup, Inc (R). e2grow (UjemiRast ltd company) are not affiliated with Gallup, Inc(R) or its subsidiaries.

The only content not produced by e2grow (UjemiRast Ltd.) is:

  • Content in the “Questions to motivate this person” section, which is non-attributed and believed to be in public domain. If you are the author or know the author, please contact us and we will remove the content immediately.
  • Content in the “Personal & Professional Growth and Development” section produced by the late Curt Liesveld and published on his twitter account. This content is believed to be in public domain.

By installing the Platform's Mobile app to their smart phone, users get non-transferable and non-exclusive rights to use the mobile app on their smart phone and for personal (non-commercial) use only.

Provider does not transfer to the user any copyrights or other intellectual property rights in relation to the Platform (including trade mark, logo, name and other rights). User only gets non-transferable and non-exclusive rights to use the Platform in a way and scope determined in these Terms of Use.

User especially must not:

  • create copies of the mobile app or other contents of the Platform;
  • install the Platform to their own server or any other platform;
  • in any way distribute or provide access to the Platform through the internet;
  • lease the Platform or sell licences to use the mobile app;
  • translate, adapt, edit or in any other way alter the Platform.

These limitations do not include the rights, to which users are entitled to in accordance with the currently valid laws regarding copyright, intellectual property protection and personal data protection.

7. Provider Responsibility Limitations

The user is familiar and agrees that:

  • the content and data they see through the Platform are merely informative in nature;
  • he is fully responsible for all the data he provides in order to install and use the Platform and that the Provider can in no way be responsible for any consequences the User might suffer;
  • Provider claims no responsibility for funcionalities or quality of the Platform;
  • Provider claims no responsibility or obligations for mistakes or any other deficiencies of the Platform, includin legal errors;
  • Provider cannot guarantee that the Platform will suit every and all User's demands;
  • Provider cannot guarantee the functioning of the Platform, nor does it claim any responsibility in the case of network error, electrical grid error or other technical malfunctions, including higher force that could temporarily render the Platform unusable;
  • User carries full responsibility for protecting all data on media (such as hard drives, smart phones, tablets, etc.) and that the Provider is not responsible for any loss of such data and it is not responsible for Platform not functioning due to user not meeting the necessary technical and other conditions to use the Platform;
  • Provider does not guarantee that the Platform is functioning flawlessly and without interruption, nor that it does not include any harmful or dangerous code;
  • Provider does not guarantee that the Platform functions on all applications and in combination with any software or hardware;
  • Provider claims no responsibility for reliability and quality of the Platform's connection to the internet or the quality and reliability of data transfer to and from the internet or any other communication channel.

8. Provider's Liability for Damages

Provider's Liability for Damages due to negligence is limited in the widest possible scope, allowed with currently valid regulations and laws.

Provider also is not responsible for loss of revenue, data or any other consequential or direct damages, unless otherwise prescribed in the currently valid laws.

Provider is not responsible for damages caused as a consequence of a higher force.

9. Complaints

Provider is responsible for answering and solving complaints about the Platform's functioning. It will solve these complaints in accordance with its rules, which are accessible at www.e2grow.com. Any complaints should be sent to Provider's email address support@e2grow.com.

If there is a complaint regarding the communication network or payment of fees to the user chosen internet and communications service provider, it is the User's responsibility to contact that provider and solve the problem himself. Internet and communication service providers solve complaints in accordance with their own Terms of Use

10. Termination of Use of the Platform

Platform is available to users from May 10th 2017 onwards. Provider reserves the right to terminate the availability of the Platform at an point by informing the Users properly (e.g. by posting a notice on its website).

Provider reserves the right to terminate access to the Platform to any User, who does not comply with these Terms of Use without advance notice. In case of termination of use of the Platform, as determined in this chapter, the User automatically looses the right to use the Platform and is obligated to stop using the Platform and delete or destroy any copies of the Platform and its tools still in his possesion.

11. Final Provisions

Due to technical or functionality upgrades of the Platform the Provider reserves the right to publish a new version of any tool of the Platform. User will be notified about the update through the Platform or the update will be done automatically. These Terms of Use apply also to all future upgrades or other changes to the Platform, unless the Provider explicitly determines otherwise.

In case of User's abuse of these Terms of Use or unauthorized use of the Platform, the Provider reserves the right to take all necessary precautions and actions to secure its rights and rights of other Users.

Provider reserves the right to change these Terms of Use at any time. In case of change it will notify the Users (e.g. by posting a notice on its website). If a user disagrees with the change in the Terms of Use, he is requested to immediately stop using the Platform. If he does not stop using the Platform, he agrees with the new Terms of Use.

For any additional information visit www.e2grow.com.

These Terms of Use take effect on the day of the publication of the Platform.

Original Terms of Use are available at the Provider's offices and can be seen upon advance notice of the User at the Provider's offices. The original copy is available in Slovenian language. The use of the Platform is possible in Slovenian or English language.

These Terms of Use are originaly written in Slovenian.

Any disputes regarding the Platform or these Terms of Use are to be solved under jurisdiction of the court in Ljubljana, Republic of Slovenia and according to Slovenian law.

These Terms of Use were written and signed on May 10th 2017.