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Starting March 23, 2023
(4 consecutive Thursdays)
Become e2grow certified if you:
Wish to profitably deliver behavioural change and impact in teams and organisations.
Increase revenue per client.
Never wish to struggle with the answer to the “What can you do for me?” question.
Transition from one-off events to long-term relationships for lasting change.
Wish to easily deliver to and manage larger groups of coachees?
Gina Brennan, e2grow certified coach
“e2grow is best in class, business client real-life implementation of Gallup tools. It’s exactly what my clients were looking for. I tripled my revenue and more importantly, I bring lasting impact.”
Create sustainable impact for your clients that leads to sustainable growth of your earnings?
Bring lasting change profitably
  • Achieve 3x return on investment (ROI) of e2grow certification with your first project.
  • Gain repeat client projects and be empowered to upsell and cross-sell.
  • Give clients a methodology to learn how to leverage their strengths on a daily basis as a prerequisite for continuous improvement.
  • Achieve impact such as increased employee engagement by 64%, tripled profitability, reduced customer complaints by 85%.
How certification works?
  1. Book an alignment call with an e2grow Partner Success Manager.
  2. Complete a 4-module certification course.
  3. Design an action plan for your business with your dedicated e2grow Partner Success Manager.
  4. Deliver your first e2grow project and create sustainable behaviour change to your client.
Benefits and deliverables of e2grow certification
Market proven know-how backed by extensive research on how to effectively build high performing teams.
Strengths based methodology that is scalable, repeatable and customisable for actual behavioural change.
200-page detailed facilitator manual on how to deliver the e2grow programme.
Comprehensive Delivery Kit including PowerPoint presentations and workbooks.
A dedicated Partner Success Manager who supports you through prospect building, sales process, and programme delivery.
Access to the global community of elite e2grow coaches.
What our existing coaches say about e2grow?
Sarah Hayes (UK), Strengths Director Coaching
“I can genuinely say e2grow has changed my life. I got certified as an e2grow coach back in October 2020, and from that moment on I knew what I had to do. I've got a proven structure, something that worked and I was able to speak to clients and give them a really clear offer about the impact that I can create to them.”
Katie Christensen (USA), Beekuba
“If you do anything else to make me love this platform and group of people more, it's possible, that I will explode. That might make you liable! Just a heads-up! It's amazing and I feel ignited!”
Gina Brennan (USA), Coach My Strengths
“e2grow is best in class, business client real-life implementation of Gallup tools. It’s exactly what my clients were looking for. I tripled my revenue and more importantly, I bring lasting impact”
Maureen Rabotin, e2grow certified coach
“I‘m letting go of those stories I tell myself about being technologically challenged and have realised that the e2grow platform will allow me to really be a coach. My motto of „training transfers knowledge, coaching transforms people“ will be easier to put in place with clients. The platform does the training, I do the coaching by providing the safe space to explore and reflect. Super happy!”
Start your e2grow certification now
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A free sync call is the best way to determine how becoming an e2grow coach can benefit you.
Book a call with our Head of Strategic Partnerships and learn more on how to profitably bring lasting impact with your business.
Bring lasting change profitably

Download “The e2grow Guide to Creating Impact” ebook and learn more how e2grow can help you grow your coaching business.

What is e2grow

THE growth culture platform.

We are creating a world in which people love what they do and go the extra mile to make their organizations world-class champions.

e2grow’s vision

e2grow will help you increase the added value per employee and make sure your interventions are not a one-time goal, but a continuous improvement of organisational behaviour.

e2grow methodology uses behavioral engineering and habit formation to create and shape growth cultures in organizations.

Unlike other people development programs our focus is on continuous development. We create habits of continuous improvement which enables sustainable growth of each team as 90% of knowledge gained in traditional training is lost and doesn’t get applied if not reinforced.

Highly experienced e2grow certified coaches around the world can help you drive behavioral engineering intervention that is built from a set of live individual and team coaching sessions, enhanced with scheduled activities that help individuals achieve a long-lasting positive behavioral change and enable their teams and organizations achieve the desired cultural change and business goals.